My research, in review

Some musings about my research to date and with an eye to the future

Tomer Sagi

11/15/20221 min read

To date, I have conducted my research in the realm of structured data, specifically in the field of data integration. In this field, I have advanced the state-of-the-art in structured data matching problems such as schema matching, business process matching, and service description matching by providing novel evaluation and prediction techniques. To expand the breadth of my work, I have taken an interest in the boundary between structured and unstructured data and in the collection of technologies and research domains known as “The semantic web,” which strive to collect and structure human knowledge, often by extracting them from unstructured sources.

Currently, I am exploring how data integration and AI-technologies can support the needs of researchers in three domains. In the Oceanographic domain (ODINI), digital humanities (MEHDIE), and medical domain. On this last topic, here is a somewhat journalistic summary of the work I did with Emil Riis Hansen, Katja Hose, and our colleagues from the Aalborg University Hospital Torben Bjerregaard Larsen and Flemming Skjøth on the AAU Website. The story contains a link to the original paper as well.